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Softube Modular Patches Vol. 1

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In "Softube Modular Patches Vol. 1" you will find the first 20 generative Patches from my YouTube Patch Series ( plus 5 never released Patches as well as all used VST-Effect presets.

Via the YouTube-Playlist above you can see what you get in this Package.

The Patches are in a Zip file for convenient download.

Make sure you meet the following requrements before you buy it:

If you do not have the required addons installed, the preset cannot be loaded!

The following Softube Modular Addons need to be installed on your System:
4ms Pingable Envelope Generator
4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator
Buchla Twisted Waveform Generator Model 259e
Doepfer BBD
Doepfer LPG
Intellijel Korgasmatron II
Intellijel uFold
Model 72
Mutable Instuments Braids
Mutable Instruments Clouds
Mutable Instruments Rings
Saturation Knob
Statement Lead
Tube Delay
Vermona Random Rhythm

For the Extra Patches make sure you have the following Softube Modular Addons installed too:
Buchla Spectral Processor Model 296e
Intellijel Rubicon
TSAR-1 Reverb

You also have to own the used VST-Plugins in order to use the corresponding Effect presets!

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20 generative Softube Modular Patches

5 never released generative Softube Modular Patches
All used VST-Effect presets
39.6 MB


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Softube Modular Patches Vol. 1

1 rating
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